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25/03/2015: Tecnam delivers first P Twenty-Ten to the Middle East.
Tecnam announced today the delivery of the first P Twenty-Ten to the Middle East.
24/03/2015: NASA selects Tecnam P2006T Twin for ‘LEAPTech’ electric powered propulsion technologies evaluation and flight test programme.
Tecnam today announced that NASA has selected the Tecnam P2006T twin as the airframe on which it will evaluate the potential of ‘LEAPtech’ (Leading Edge Asynchronous Technology), with the aim of developing safer, more energy efficient, lower operating cost and greener General Aviation aircraft.
26/01/2015: Tecnam P2006T Twin certified for Passenger Transportation.
Tecnam announced today that the Tecnam P2006T Twin has successful achieved certification to enable it to carry commercial passengers.
17/12/2014: Tecnam P2010 enters flight training service.
Tecnam announced today that Bartolini Air, Poland’s leading Flight Training Organisation has become the first FTO to successfully employ the Tecnam P2010 into its commercial aircraft training syllabus.
26/11/2014: Switzerland’s FGZO chooses the Tecnam P2008JC .
On November 12nd, 2014 the membership of Zurich, Switzerland based Aeroclub Fluggruppe Zürcher Oberland (FGZO) selected the Tecnam P2008JC to be the next trainer of choice for their extensive training fleet.
22/10/2014: University of Alaska receives its first Tecnam P2006T Twin.
Tecnam at 20th October announced the completion of a most remarkable and successful journey of over 4,000 miles from Tecnam USA Inc.’s new Sebring, Florida showroom and delivery center to Anchorage, Alaska of a brand new Tecnam P2006T Twin to the University of Alaska’s Aviation Technology Division.
10/10/2014: First Tecnam P2006T MRI (Muliti-Sensor Reconnaissance and Identification) aircraft now operating in South Africa.
First Tecnam P2006T MRI (Multi-Sensor Reconnaissance and Identification) aircraft now operating in South Africa.
01/10/2014: Captain Alessandro Scaburri joins Tecnam Flight Test team.
Tecnam at 29 September announced a further strengthening of its Capua, Italy based Flight Test team with the appointment of Captain Alessandro Scaburri as Tecnam Chief Experimental Test Pilot.
23/09/2014: Tecnam Astore next-generation Light Sport Aircraft global deliveries commence.
A remarkable month for Tecnam as deliveries of the ‘Astore’ LSA are made to customers in New Zealand, Korea, Brazil, South Africa, Spain, Kuwait and the USA.
08/08/2014: Tecnam US Inc. announces several sales and P Twenty-Ten certification at EAA Airventure, Oshkosh WI..
Tecnam US Inc. continued it sales success at EAA Airventure with three Twin engine, two P2008 and one G5 Eaglet sales. Tecnam sales representatives reported high interest throughout the product line and expect several future sales will occur from the contacts made during the Oshkosh Airventure show.
30/07/2014: Award winning Tecnam P Twenty Ten achieves EASA certification .
Today Tecnam is delighted to announce the certification approval by EASA (No. EASA A.576) for the Tecnam P Twenty Ten and the commencement of deliveries to customers throughout Europe.
28/07/2014: Tecnam Astore achieves its first Qatar Civil Aviation Authority registration.
With Qatar CAA certification achieved, Aviation Home have delivered the first Tecnam Astore (A7-AUM) into the Middle East region. The Astore joins many other aircraft in the Tecnam range, including the P2006T Twin and P2002JF aircraft already in service throughout the Middle East/GCC countries.
04/06/2014: Tecnam P2008JC deliveries soar.
Tecnam UK today announced that the first P2008JC CS/VLA single engine aeroplane based in the UK will be delivered to Shoreham based Omega Flight Training Ltd. Sporting its distinctive Union Flag tail livery, Omega’s new flagship training aircraft was one of the highlights of the 2014 Aero Expo UK show.
03/06/2014: Tecnam conquers Aconcagua.
Tecnam P92 Tail Dragger achieves Aconcagua summit overflight on 24 May 2014.
30/05/2014: Tecnam US Inc. new Sebring Facility celebrates its first customer delivery.
A noteworthy milestone for the Tecnam USA Inc. team as they deliver the first North American re-assembled Tecnam P2008 Turbo to launch customer Donald Vinik of Boca Raton, Florida.
17/04/2014: Tecnam sales and success at Aero Friedrichshafen 2014.
With orders for 12 Tecnam aircraft and deliveries of the both the first Tecnam Astore next-generation LSA and the first Tecnam P2002JF equipped with hand controls for disabled pilots to launch customer Aerobility (UK)
15/04/2014: Tecnam P2012 Traveller production facility to open in 2015.
Tecnam on April10th has announced the start of construction of the P2012 Traveller production facility, located in Capua, Italy and opening in summer 2015.
11/04/2014: Professor Luigi Pascale receives the Flieger ‘Award of Honor’.
One of General Aviation’s most prestigious prizes the Flieger ‘Award of Honor’ was bestowed on Professor Luigi Pascale, Tecnam’s President and Head of Design, this evening at the Aero Friedrichshafen General Aviation expo.
11/04/2014: TECNAM US Inc. celebrates sales success at Sun n’ Fun 2014.
Tecnam on 8th has announced its most successful visit ever to the Sun ‘n Fun International Fly-In & Expo at Lakeland, Florida with both the announcement of the launch of Tecnam USA Inc.’s dedicated facilities in Sebring, Florida and sales orders on 12 Tecnam aircraft
02/04/2014: TECNAM US Inc. Established at Sebring Airport, Florida.
Tecnam announces a program of major investments serving the needs of its North American customers, with the establishment of TECNAM US Inc. at Sebring Airport, Florida.
28/03/2014: Tecnam P2002JF - VLA equipped with hand controls for disabled pilots achieves EASA certification.
Today Tecnam, together with its launch-customer Aerobility (UK) is proud to announce the certification approval by EASA (No. 10048554) for the first worldwide factory-built certified aircraft equipped with hand controls for disabled pilots.
28/03/2014: Tecnam Astore next-generation LSA achieves FAA special airworthiness certification and will receive its North American debut at Sun n’ Fun 2014.
Tecnam today announced that the Tecnam Astore next-generation Light Sports Aircraft has achieved full FAA special airworthiness certification and will be on unveiled to North America’s GA community at 11.30 on the 1st of April at the Sun n’ Fun International Fly-In & Expo, in Lakeland, Florida (Tecnam booth MD-021C)
12/03/2014: SoftekSim Tecnam P2002 Aircraft Simulator achieves certification.
Tecnam today announced that SoftekSim Ltd has achieved certification for its Tecnam P2002T FNPT2 Flight Simulator.
04/03/2014: Tecnam P Twenty-Ten #2 first flight report.
Tecnam on 3th March revealed the successful first flight of its second P Twenty-Ten, advanced technology, single engined aeroplane.
29/01/2014: Tecnam Records Two Sales During the US Sport Aviation Expo 2014.
Tecnam signed contracts on two P2008 TCs during the US Sport Aviation Expo in Sebring, Florida.